Countdown to the next adventure – August 2018


It seems like only yesterday that we were back from our trip to France, but already it has been 2 months and we have done so much.

Shortly after getting back we took the boat up the river to Island Harbour to get her out of the water. For the best part of a week we scraped the hull before painting a couple of layers of anti-foul. The boat jobs have continued – sorting out the heads, cleaning the inside and outside of the boat, servicing the engine among them. And in between we have been trying to keep up with the day jobs and catch up with friends and family. The time is too short and running out.

We are on countdown to the next trip and actually our first this year on the boat. It has been too long since we were last sailing, but life has thrown all sorts at us and it seems there are more obstacles to overcome. Milos needs some work doing so we will be wintering her over at Suffolk for the upcoming winter. Just before we left for France one of our neighbours at the marina bashed into our self-steering so that also needs sorting out.

In the meantime, we are planning the trip and thinking about where we will be going. Our thoughts change everyday, but we want to stay local and visit favourite places for a while before heading east in the general direction of Suffolk. If all is good, this might involve a trip over to The Netherlands, or maybe France, or maybe not!