Cat-sitting, boat-watching and our next adventure….


At the end of August, we left Milos in Suffolk for the winter and headed back by car to the Isle of Wight. It seems really strange to be off the boat but it does give us the opportunity to spend some time in a house for a change.

We spent September house-sitting for some friends and looking after Pickle, their crazy cat. We also knuckled back down to work.

Now in October, we have moved again to a second house that belongs to a friend from the the marina. We have been blessed by the kindness of others in helping us find places to live until we get Milos back. Fingers crossed that will be around March time next year and in the meantime we can start planning our next sea escape.

The weather since we have been back has been mild, with some beautiful days on the island. Down on the esplanade, I have sat and watched boats go out and have really missed being on our boat and enjoying last-minute sails before the weather closes in for good. Instead though, we have taken advantage of being so close to the sea and have been visiting some of our favourite places on the island.

It is a good time to ponder about life on the boat. What do I miss about being on Milos? I miss the sound of the water, and the movement of the waves. I miss sitting and watching life on the river pass by. The opportunity to set ourselves adrift and go wandering. What don’t I miss? Overly windy nights and needing to preplan a shower because the shower block is so far away. But already we are far too addicted to warmth and space, so we need to experience some hardship or get out there again soon.

Next month, we are off to Mallorca for three weeks. We booked this trip a while back, before we knew we would have to take the boat out of the water. The idea was to break up the long winter and enjoy some relative luxury, to get off the boat for a few weeks. And then we ended up in a house for the winter anyway! Best laid plans and all. It’s exciting though and gives us another chance to travel and find out about another island – can’t wait!