It’s all about the adventures along the way and the challenges overcome, of new places around the corner, of accepting change, of the people met and stories shared, of continuous learning. It’s about ourselves, the boat, and life.

Steve and I met about 8 years ago. Not long after we decided it would be a good idea to buy a boat and spend most of our time on it. The details are hazy to be honest, but somehow the idea gained traction, and here we are.

We both wanted to do something different; to mix things up, see new things and not know what is around the corner. Neither of us have ever stayed somewhere for more than a couple of years. After hard work and lots of questioning about what was important to us, we got to the point where we could live more flexibly and stepped into our new life.

In November 2014, we bought our yacht Milos when she was still up on stilts in a car-park. We sailed her to Isle of Wight the following April, and worked and lived there for two years before finally heading out on our first adventure – a five month circumnavigation around the British Coast which started in April 2017.

We have to embrace the change along the way and that isn’t always easy. This life gives us freedom but brings with it instability and a feeling of going against the rational voices in your head. Steve is my biggest champion of finding my feet and letting go of the fear.

There are inevitable highs and lows. The lows include being away from friends and family, having to live in the space of a large cupboard, and an ever-present smell of diesel. We battle rain, seasickness, arguments, and a whole range of emotions that come from putting ourselves out to sea.

All that aside, we get to move about and see great things. Milos gives us access to the sea and the places that we sail to – the chance to drop anchor, watch the sunrise, sail with dolphins, swim in rivers, and a sense of achievement that comes from sailing to a new destination. We get to continually learn. When you are in the elements you learn alot and grow a sense of respect for all that is around you.

It’s a life and we are living it. It is hard work – everything we do is dominated by our ability to keep ourselves going, and manage whatever the weather and tide throw at us. At the moment, we would not want to be doing anything else.

This website is a way of sharing where we are and what we are doing.


Hayley is a psychologist. She also writes about what we see and do. Her work has been published in Sailing Today and Yachting Monthly. Steve designs and develops websites (e.g. this one, contact him here) and he does all things technical and mechanical on the boat.